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Who We Are

Glenn Allen, CAPT, USN (Ret.)

Versatile senior executive leader with 20+ years of experience leading complex organizations. An innovator and change agent—senses problems, creates solutions that drive positive outcome while delivering exceptional performance and cutting costs. Major Command, Special Operations/Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer, and Joint Staff Officer Qualified. Recognized international expertise in maritime operations and mine warfare.

  • Enterprise Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget & Resource Programming
  • Team Builder and Collaborative Leader
  • Science and Technology (S&T) Insertion
  • Risk Mitigation and Management

Robert (Rob) Simmons, USN Civil Servant (Ret.)

Senior acquisition executive leader with 38 years of government service including 32 years as the Assistant Program Manager (APM) for Underwater systems within PMS-408 Expeditionary Missions Program Office, a component of the Naval Sea Systems Command. Portfolio included acquisition and life cycle support of diver-based equipment, unmanned underwater vehicles and marine mammal systems. Executed (11) formal Milestone C decisions (authorizations to proceed to production and fleet fielding) for the portfolio. Served as the Assistant Technical Project Officer for NAVSEA involving Data Exchange Agreements between the United States and (17) allied and coalition partner nations. Specialized in unmanned underwater vehicles acquisition and related technology development. Earned certification by the United States Department of Defense in Level III Program Management and Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering.

  • Undergraduate (Aerospace and Ocean Engineering) and graduate (MBA) degrees
  • Senior leader with oversight of multi-discipline teams
  • Experienced briefer to Congressional, DoD, USN, USMC, and commercial sector leadership
  • Effective acquisition professional in transitioning technology to the warfighter
  • Well-versed in Planning, Programming, Budget and Execution (PPBE)
  • Experienced developer of overarching USN and USMC strategic planning and requirements documents


  • Business management and consulting services
  • Strategic planning and management assistance
  • Planning, Programming and Budgeting Expertise
  • Acquisition, DOTMLPF and Wargame Planning
  • Leadership and management advice and coaching for program leaders and resource sponsors
  • Prototyping, demonstration and rapid technology evaluation
  • Technology Transition Planning and Programming
  • Data collection to enable vulnerability and susceptibility assessment and threat mitigation
  • Business Case Analysis and Analysis of Alternatives
  • Unmanned Systems and Autonomous platform program development

Our Customers


Sr. MIW Program Analyst

Require a Program Analyst for Mine Warfare S&T and Acquisition program support. Requires extensive knowledge in all aspects of U.S. Mine Warfare (MIW) , MIW Program Acquisition Management, MIW S&T Program Management, research and senior level oral and written communications skills with the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 20 years’ experience as a senior leader in Expeditionary, Mine, and Undersea Warfare positions.
  • This experience should include an understanding of Mine Warfare Systems, Unmanned Maritime Systems integration into this warfare area as well as an understanding of research, development, acquisition, and operations processes and applications.
  • Experience with science and technology development and transition into acquisition programs of record also desired.
  • A minimum of an accredited Master’s degree in an appropriate academic subject area.
  • Senior level programming, budgeting and acquisition experience or similar experience in fielding DoD programs of record.

Please submit inquiries to info@greyhawkstrategic.com.

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